Santa Barbara Popcorn Company takes pride in making the most delicious, healthiest, and highest quality popcorn you’ll find out there. We specialize in delectable savory recipes, using only the finest ingredients. Our popcorn kernels are California grown on a sustainable family-owned organic farm.

The entire line is completely GMO free, gluten free, and vegan. Our unique line of Gourmet Popcorn is hand made in small batches and we think you’ll love it.

GMO Free – Our entire line of Gourmet Popcorn is 100% free of GMO’s (Genetically Engineered Organisms), including both our organic kernels, as well as all ingredients used in our recipes.

Our Kernels – Our popcorn kernels are California grown on a sustainable family-owned organic farm. We strive to use only the purest and finest foods in our Gourmet Popcorn. True quality is the foundation our business is built upon.

California Grown – Our popcorn kernels are grown by California’s only organic popcorn farmer (on scale). Founded in 1946, Pleasant Grove Farms is a fully organic, family-owned farm in the central valley run by Ed Sills. Learn about the farm here —> 

Gluten Free – All of our recipes are 100% Gluten Free!

Vegan – We use only plant-based ingredients in our Gourmet Popcorn. Our entire line is completely vegan-friendly.

Whole Grain – Popcorn is one of exceedingly few choices for gluten-free, whole-grain snack foods out there. Being a Whole Grain, it contains the germ portion of the seed which is where the protein is found, as well as part of the hull which is where the fiber is found. A complete little package created by nature that packs a crunchy punch; without having to process, isolate, modify, or separate anything out of it. Just apply heat and… pop, there’s your food. Simple and good.